Fuel City Gets a Patio

So the big news today in gas station taco land is that Dallas’ Fuel City now has an outside dining area.  It appears someone used their carpentry and landscaping skills and popped up a place to eat their famous $1.40 picadillo taco.

Having a place to eat a gas station taco isn’t anything new as several gas stations have inside and outside dining areas, but this is Fuel City.  This is the gas station taco joint anyone will go to since the stigma of eating their gas station tacos was alleviated when Fuel City won best taco in the entire State of Texas in 2006 thanks to Texas Monthly magazine.

[Source: Stop the Presses Fuel City Gets a Patio.]

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Author:Chris Baccus

Just your average guy looking for the perfect street taco in a gas station now that food trucks now have twitter accounts, facebook pages, and $5,000 worth of vehicle marketing wrap.


You can also connect via email: gasstationtacos@gmail.com

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