Archive | November, 2011

Review: Super Taco

Half the fun of doing a gas station taco blog is the hunt.  I find out about places from people asking if I know such-and-such a place and searching Yelp and Google, but serendipity is still how I find most gas station taquerias. Driving back from San Antonio and spending a few hours in Fredericksburg, […]

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Review: Habaneros The Taco Revolution

One night after trying to head back to Dallas after a Texas Rangers game I passed a Valero gas station with a flashy red habanero pepper shouting “The Taco Revolution.” Its signage looked chain-like similar to Grapevine’s Green Chili Grill (neither are chains.) I eventually found an entrance to the freeway that wasn’t blocked-off by […]

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A Mini “Taco Tour” in Downtown Los Angeles

This week I spent time in my hometown Los Angeles.  I was there to attend and speak at Blog World Expo and while I was looking forward to seeing some good friends, listen to some great talks, and learn what others are doing in blogging I was more excited about a “taco tour” I planned […]

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