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Review: Naughty Chili

This is our third cross-country road trip from Los Angeles to Michigan in the past four years. Of course, I’m always on the lookout for tacos when driving by gas stations. Fortunately, I found one today while we were driving to True Food Kitchen in Denver for dinner. Knowing some tacos awaited after I had […]

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Review: Tacos Caseros “La Sabroza”

The bright yellow awning and bold orange all-caps lettering on a Phillips gas station along Northwest Highway had caught my attention a couple times, but each visit led to an out-of-business taqueria with the station attendent saying it will reopen soon. Finally a new banner appeared draped under the windows and awning.  Tacos Caseros “La […]

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Review: Andy’s Food Mart

It is always a great sign when there is a significant amount of fresh cilantro resting on the order counter-top and a handmade tortilla lays on the griddle. There is no name for the taqueria inside Andy’s Food Mart at the Phillips station on Fitzhugh Avenue.  There is no menu and hence no prices and there […]

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