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Find food in the middle of nowhere on a road trip from Los Angeles to Detroit can lead to some very disappointing meals. Fortunately, La Pasadita is an exception to that disappointment. This taco truck parked at a former Shell gas station complete with sit down dining inside the former gas station market and seating outside I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy a few times having taken the cross country trip a few times.

The tacos are pretty basic here, but everything is great. The tacos are brought to life with a little time on a flame and the meats are flavorful and the onions and cilantro is fresh. And don’t miss the several hot sauce options including my favorite their salsa verde.

The menu includes a weekend menudo, mole enchiladas, green chili pork and more. It’s impressive the home cooking that comes out of this nondescript place in a sole strip of gas stations, small restaurants and I think a motel or two. Sure you can stop at some fast food options, but you miss out on this surprising selection of authentic Mexican cuisine.


On the last stop here back in July, I went with the chorizo and carnitas tacos and piled on the raw onions, cilantro and hot sauce options, including their habanero salsa for some extra heat. The carnitas is slowly cooked and moist with some outer crunchy bits. While the chorizo has an intense flavor that pairs well with the large raw onions and salsa roja. I’ve had the al pastor tacos too and they are definitely worth getting if your an al pastor fan (and who isn’t?)

Our boys went for some plain carne asada tacos with limes and onions. So you can keep it simple or load it up at the salsa bar.


Everything here is made to order. So it takes around 5-10 minutes to get your lunch. That gave us time to take our dog out for a walk at the small park across the street and enjoy some time out of the Volvo station wagon. It was a warm day and the shaded outside seating made for an enjoyable break.


This is a must stop if you are driving through Utah. It is truly a gem and you’ll thank me and all the Yelp reviewers who keep raving about La Pasadita.

Gas Station: Shell (former, not operational)

Address: 215 E Main St, Green River, UT 84525

Rating (5 out of 5):


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