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Review: Naughty Chili

This is our third cross-country road trip from Los Angeles to Michigan in the past four years. Of course, I’m always on the lookout for tacos when driving by gas stations. Fortunately, I found one today while we were driving to True Food Kitchen in Denver for dinner. Knowing some tacos awaited after I had […]

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Review: Taqueria Cholula

Chorizo tacos are underrated. I love it when I see chorizo on a lunch menu.  Taqueria Cholula had no shortage of options for the taco fanatic. Sure there are the typical beef fajita, chicken, pastor and barbacoa options. There are 14 total options; though, two were out on the day of my visit. Taqueria Cholula […]

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Chevy Volt and Gas Station Tacos at The Flash Mart

Review: Flash Mart Barbacoa Tacos

I am fortunate enough this week to be driving around in a Chevy Volt, the electric gas engine vehicle from General Motors, designed to make less frequent gas station stops. After a couple days of driving, I’ve only put 3 miles on the car using the gas engine; the rest has been all electric powered […]

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Review: Taqueria La Tejanita

I was tipped off about Taqueria La Tejanita from a comment on another review I did on this blog (thank you Mary for mentioning it.) While Googling for a location, I also came across two reviews from some other Dallas taco bloggers I have met and popped Styrofoam containers with: Taco Sense and the Dallas […]

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The Taco Hut Tacos

Review: The Taco Hut

“The Pastor (pork) is out of this world.  Like roasted dragon tits.  Juicy, spicy and packed with flavor.” – Reviewer on Yelp.com I knew I had to try this place after reading a brief review on Yelp.com and we had spent the afternoon at a Dave & Busters like place called Main Event that wasn’t […]

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