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Tacos Rivero

Review: Tacos Rivero

Our family converted to local grass-fed meats early last year and as part of that change we made sure we found a quality small ranch when we moved to Dallas last July.  The place we found is called Burgundy Pasture Beef in Grandview, Texas. On our last drive to the ranch, I noticed we passed […]

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Fuel City Lunch Crowd

Review: Fuel City

There is a reigning champion of the gas station taco in Dallas, Texas – Fuel City.  When ever I tell someone or they hear I’m a fan of gas station tacos, they usually will ask if I have tried Fuel City.  Well I have, a few times.  In fact, I’ve tried all versions of their […]

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The Taco Hut Tacos

Review: The Taco Hut

“The Pastor (pork) is out of this world.  Like roasted dragon tits.  Juicy, spicy and packed with flavor.” – Reviewer on I knew I had to try this place after reading a brief review on and we had spent the afternoon at a Dave & Busters like place called Main Event that wasn’t […]

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Best Taco Taqueria

Review: Best Taco Taqueria

Unfortunately calling yourself “Best Taco…” isn’t a self-fulfilling prophesy.  Decent Taco Taqueria would’ve been a more accurate description. In the shadow of Dallas’ popular Fuel City Tacos is a small Taqueria inside a Valero gas station in the Oak Cliff/West Dallas area. For those who don’t know, myself being one until I drove to this […]

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Review: Troy Taqueria

I made two gas station taco stops on my way to Austin last Friday.  The Troy Tanqueria was an unplanned stop as I noticed a Tanqueria sign while passing an exit heading South on I-35. Unfortunately very few gas stations advertise they have food on a billboard or on a next exit sign, so you […]

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Review: Tierra Linda Taqueria

I was driving to South By Southwest (SxSW) last Friday morning and checked out Yelp before leaving Dallas en route to Austin, but I wasn’t planning my drive to the hotel or the Austin Convention Center. Nope, I was heading from my house straight to Tierra Linda Taqueria. Like a lot of gas station taco […]

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La Paisanita Tacos to go

Review: La Paisanita Taqueria Deli

This is my first gas station taco review and it’s a good one. In fact, it is about my personal reigning champ in the taco and fuel stop restaurant category.  I’m also sure that those who love the city’s favorite, Fuel City Tacos, will find it a bit surprising that I’m selecting this lesser known […]

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Should’ve Started this 3 Months Earlier

This blog grew out of a conversation back in early December last year about how I should start a blog about my odd obsession with Gas Station Tacos.  Today, I finally took the initiative to start it and before picking a URL I did a quick Google search to see if there were other blogs […]

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Gas Station Kitchen

Why Gas Station Tacos?

I really don’t know. I suppose it started with the hilarity of going out with some unsuspecting co-worker to a great Mexican restaurant and pulling into a BP Gas Station on Ford Road in Dearborn. I love the idea that I can get a full tank of gas and fill my own tank with some […]

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