Should’ve Started this 3 Months Earlier

This blog grew out of a conversation back in early December last year about how I should start a blog about my odd obsession with Gas Station Tacos.  Today, I finally took the initiative to start it and before picking a URL I did a quick Google search to see if there were other blogs focusing on the topic. Surprisingly I found the Wall Street Journal covered the topic the prior week in an article entitled, “Gas Station Taquerias, a New Food Trend.”

So who knew I was a trendsetter.

Finally, once in my life, I was at the beginning of trend having sought out tacos at gas stations since 2008. Take a look at the WSJ’s article. It’s a good read and covers a couple highlights including a place from my former home town Pasadena and Fuel City, a local Dallas gas station close to my work that I have visited (a review is coming soon.)

Categories: Miscellaneous

Author:Chris Baccus

Just your average guy looking for the perfect street taco in a gas station now that food trucks now have twitter accounts, facebook pages, and $5,000 worth of vehicle marketing wrap.


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