Archive | March, 2012

Review: Andy’s Food Mart

It is always a great sign when there is a significant amount of fresh cilantro resting on the order counter-top and a handmade tortilla lays on the griddle. There is no name for the taqueria inside Andy’s Food Mart at the Phillips station on Fitzhugh Avenue.  There is no menu and hence no prices and there […]

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Review: Pio’s Taqueria

There are a few gas station taquerias between Dallas and Austin. Having taken a few trips back and forth this past year, I kept passing by a highway billboard for a Mobil Quix mart station advertising an “Authentic Mexican Taqueria.” After a great time at SxSW this year, I was heading back to Dallas early and […]

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The SxSW Guide to Gas Station Tacos

So you’re heading to SxSW and there’s no doubt you’ve heard all about the great BBQ in Austin or how you should try the Migas at Maudie’s (psst.. their migas are overrated), but did you know Austin has a few gas station taquerias?  Plus there are a couple additional stops for tacos if you are […]

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