Archive | June, 2011
Chevy Volt and Gas Station Tacos at The Flash Mart

Review: Flash Mart Barbacoa Tacos

I am fortunate enough this week to be driving around in a Chevy Volt, the electric gas engine vehicle from General Motors, designed to make less frequent gas station stops. After a couple days of driving, I’ve only put 3 miles on the car using the gas engine; the rest has been all electric powered […]

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Review: El Tacaso (Harry Hines Location)

Gas station Taquerias are often not located in the desirable part of town. Pulling up to a gas station with a flashy bright red convertible can have its drawbacks and my visit to El Tacaso was one of those times. I began filling my tank and walked over to the outside counter of the taco […]

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Review: Trompo Taco

I spent last Saturday morning at the Elm Fork Shooting Sports Club riding around in a golf cart holding a 12 and 20 gauge pair of shotguns with Mike Merrill from the Social Media Club of Dallas.  We had decided to take advantage of a Facebook Deal a month ago and finally made it out […]

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