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It’s been awhile since I’ve had a taco review where I’d actually return for more.  Fortunately, this last weekend I stumbled upon a gas station taqueria that actually made decent tacos in Southern California.  Unfortunately, they are located above an elevation of 4,000 feet just outside Lake Arrowhead in a town called Rimforest.

IMG_4466The Valero gas station advertised a Taco Tuesday special and I was concerned on a Sunday morning at 9:30am that the taqueria wouldn’t be open this early on a weekend. Fortunately, the place was open and I was able to order some of their “mini tacos” available for $1.50 each with cilantro and onions!

I ordered a carne asada and two carnitas.  It was a bit early for me after having breakfast at the Cub Scout camp I spent the weekend at with my boys. They also offered al pastor and chicken too. I regret not having a pastor.

The tacos came with a choice of salsa. I only asked for a salsa verde which ended up being fairly watery but still had some flavor. Fortunately, both the asada and carnitas meats were full of flavor. The carnitas had bits of crispy fat on the outside that really impressed.

IMG_4467Unfortunately, the tortillas were store bought, though, they at least brought them back to life with a quick heating up on the griddle.

Overall, I was happy with this rare gas station taco find up in the mountains of San Bernardino county.  Next time I’m definitely trying the pastor and skipping breakfast at Scout Camp to load up on tacos before heading home to LA.

Gas Station: Valero

Address: 26599 Pine Ave., Rimforest, CA 92378

Rating (3 out of 5):



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