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Review: Angie’s Mexican Food

A gas station taco place worth stopping by if you are around Lake Arrowhead. Definitely get some tasty carnitas tacos!

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Review: Pancho Villa’s

I’m fairly certain I may be the only person ever to order a goat and vegetarian taco in a single order.  Sure, I cannot be certain of this fact; however, the sheer juxtaposition of the two tacos alone was an interesting jolt for my taste buds and stomach. Coming back from a long weekend in […]

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Review: La Casita

La Casita is tucked away off North Central Expressway where 635 and 75 meet.  In a moment of gas station taco serendipity, I caught a quick glance of what looked like a taqueria sign one day driving south on 75.  Weeks later I tried finding the Valero gas station only to fail, Google Maps couldn’t […]

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Review: Las Cazuelas Grill

The whole gas station Mexican food thing sort of started here for me.  It started at a Las Cazuelas Grill, but one in Dearborn, Michigan where I spent quite a few lunches downing their Las Cazuelas tacos – a loosely folded deep-fried taco topped with lettuce, cheese and sour cream.  The Dearborn location didn’t sell street tacos […]

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Review: Taqueria el Guache

I walked into the Flash Mart convenience store turned to my right and walked to a wall with a door.  I wasn’t sure what was going on. I then exited out of the mart and walked across the store front passing a small wine section that must have been what the door inside was all […]

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