Review: Taqueria Los Delicious

I live a food paradox. At home I cook using fresh, mostly organic and try to do local as much as possible. We also buy all of our meats from a local ranch in Grandview, Texas Burgundy Pasture Beef that raises grass-fed animals and our chicken from another local source, Windy Meadows Family Farm.

In our pursuit to eat local, my wife recently heard about an unique Farmer’s Market. It’s called Eden’s Organic Farm and refers to itself as the “Home of DFW’s first All-Clean, Real Food, Real Farmer’s Market Day!” It’s located about 25 minutes from Dallas in small town called Balch Springs.

As we exited the highway, I noticed not one but two gas stations with Taquerias. After buying some local carrots, peaches, and other fruits and vegetables for home, we left the Farmer’s Market and made a stop at the Fina gas station.

Taqueria Los Delicious looked closed at 9:30am on a Saturday morning, but I approached and noticed a cook and someone eating at a small table as I walked inside. I was asked what I’d like and asked if it was too early for lunch tacos. No problem.

I ordered two pastor, two beef fajita, and one barbacoa all on corn tortillas.  I waited for my order in the small restaurant and selected a Jarritos Tamarind from the cooler. The chef cut up a whole lime, chopped some cilantro and onions and placed each into separate baggies along with some salsa containers. I paid my $5 for the tacos plus tax and my soda.

Untying the baggies I spread the cilantro and onions into the tacos which were full of meat. Squeezed some lime-juice over them and went for a pastor taco first.  I wasn’t too impressed with the presentation of the tacos, but the first bite of the pastor made me appreciate this little place.  The pastor meat had a rich flavor and wonderful red hue. Dipping the taco into the homemade salsa verde made for an even better experience.

Next was the beef fajita taco. The meat was a bit rubbery and lacked any flavor though the intensive spiciness of the salsa roja improved the beef taco; though, it really was the weakest of the three and I’d pass on it next time.

Finally I removed a few pieces of fat from the barbacoa taco. The meat wasn’t slimy like a lot of barbaco gas station tacos I’ve had. This was perfectly slow cooked and the meat had a good full flavor that also went well with the salsa roja.

It’s unfortunate the tortillas at Taqueria Los Delicious lacked any taste like store bought ones from Tom Thumb. They had absolutely no flavor to them and that’s too bad because the pastor and barbacoa tacos here are quite good; they could have gone from a 4 to 5 rating if it wasn’t for the lackluster tortillas.

Would I drive 25 minutes just for the tacos?  No. I would however make a stop here after shopping at the Eden Organic Farm, but next time I’m making a stop to compare Taqueria Los Delicious against its cross-street rival – the Shell station.

Gas Station: Fina

Address: Corner of Pioneer Road and Seagoville Road, Balch Springs, TX 75180

Rating (4 out of 5 oil drops):

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