Archive | December, 2011

Review: Las Cazuelas Grill

The whole gas station Mexican food thing sort of started here for me.  It started at a Las Cazuelas Grill, but one in Dearborn, Michigan where I spent quite a few lunches downing their Las Cazuelas tacos – a loosely folded deep-fried taco topped with lettuce, cheese and sour cream.  The Dearborn location didn’t sell street tacos […]

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Review: El Rincon del D.F.

Advertising a gas station taqueria comes in many forms. Usually there is some sort of signage to the side of the station’s mini-mart letting visitors know tacos are inside.  Sometimes there are full-scale restaurants attached to the side of a service station market like a recent find in Marble Falls, TX.  Some stations combine promoting […]

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