Review: Los Tapatios

If you are looking for TexMex at a gas station, Los Tapatios may be the place for you.  The reviews on Yelp and Google average 4 out of 5 stars with several reviews praising the authenticity of the food, similar to what you’ll find in Mexico (Guadalajara, Mexico I would guess based on the name of the restaurant.)

Los Tapatios is a full restaurant attached to a Texico station off Hwy 67 in Cedar Hills, Texas roughly 20 minutes south of downtown Dallas. I decided to eat there since the place features everything you’d expect from a restaurant: Waiters, real silverware, tables, and mints near the register. There was even a full bar and you can order carry0ut too.

I was impressed with the chips and chunky salsa that arrived on my table. The menu featured four styles of tacos including pastor (pork), barbacoa (shredded beef), chicken and beef. I went with 2 pastor , 1 barbacoa, and 1 beef taco on corn tortillas with cilantro and onions. They also offered flour tortillas.

I didn’t wait long and enjoyed almost a full basket of chips before my tacos arrived. The chips were warm and the salsa was great. I was also impressed with the hot sauce that arrived with my taco order. First up I tried the barbacoa which required a bit of picking around due to a few fatty chunks.  The meat was especially slimy with not a lot of flavor. I ate only half of the taco and moved on to the beef taco.

The beef was cut into large chunks with a bit of grizzle here and there.  It tasted almost like pancetta. To be honest, I’m not really sure it was beef.  It wasn’t a bad taco, especially with some hot sauce and squeezed lime, but it wasn’t anything special.

Finally I tried the pork tacos which glistened with red and orange colors reflecting in the natural light of the restaurant. After two unsatisfying tacos, I was hoping the pastor tacos would redeem Los Tapatios but they did not. The rich color wasn’t returning rich flavors leading me with a disappointment for having driven this far for gas station food. Fortunately the chips and salsa were good, making this not a total loss.

I did read a few reviews from others on Yelp. A couple people claim the breakfast tacos are worth trying and the enchiladas are great. This blog is all about the tacos and unfortunately the tacos are not worth the stop, especially considering there are some great pork in green chili sauce tacos two more exits south on the freeway at Tacos Rivero.

I enjoyed a few more chips dipping them in the hot sauce that came with the tacos before paying.  I hopped back into my car, drove around to the Texaco station and filled up the tank before heading back to Dallas.

Gas Station: Texaco

Address: 1030 N Highway 67 Cedar Hill, TX 75104

Rating (2 out of 5 oil drops):

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