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Review: Tacos La Fonda

So this La Fonda isn’t “THE best thing that has ever happened to me.” It is however the best of three Southern California gas station taco places I’ve been to. I’m behind two reviews so expect those to come soon. I must possess gas station taco radar as I found Tacos La Fonda by accident after […]

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Review: Leo & Churro Taqueria

There it was on the menu tempting me to order it: 25 tacos de trompo por $19.99. I could eat for a week for $20 bucks and eat very, very well. Leo & Churro Taqueria has ousted my favorite al pastor gas station taco from Abierto.  The roasted pork spit behind the cash register deserves respect […]

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Review: SouthLake Taqueria

There are a lot of choices around downtown Dallas when it comes to gas station tacos. Drive 20 minutes north and you’ll have a difficult time finding anything other than a McDonald’s, Whataburger or Subway serving food at the pump. Fortunately coming back from a Saturday morning drive to Keller, Texas I waited at a traffic […]

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