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Taco Tour: Birreria Aguinaga

Taco Tour: Birrieria Aguinaga and La Nueva

I keep missing Jose Ralat-Maldonado’s famous Taco Tours. Fortunately, I had some time this month to join the group for a couple stops on Northwest Highway. It was an opportunity for me to hit some great authentic tacos that are NOT located a few feet from a fuel pump. Perhaps one day I’ll work out a […]

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Review: Tacos Caseros “La Sabroza”

The bright yellow awning and bold orange all-caps lettering on a Phillips gas station along Northwest Highway had caught my attention a couple times, but each visit led to an out-of-business taqueria with the station attendent saying it will reopen soon. Finally a new banner appeared draped under the windows and awning.  Tacos Caseros “La […]

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Review: SouthLake Taqueria

There are a lot of choices around downtown Dallas when it comes to gas station tacos. Drive 20 minutes north and you’ll have a difficult time finding anything other than a McDonald’s, Whataburger or Subway serving food at the pump. Fortunately coming back from a Saturday morning drive to Keller, Texas I waited at a traffic […]

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