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Review: Norma’s Tacos

When I lived in Dallas, I avoided the former gas stations or auto repair places converted into taco stands.  With so many working gas stations housing taquerias it wasn’t necessary to review former gas stations.  Here in Los Angeles it is a different story. There are few places with gas pumps where one can order […]

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Review: Tacos Caseros “La Sabroza”

The bright yellow awning and bold orange all-caps lettering on a Phillips gas station along Northwest Highway had caught my attention a couple times, but each visit led to an out-of-business taqueria with the station attendent saying it will reopen soon. Finally a new banner appeared draped under the windows and awning.  Tacos Caseros “La […]

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Unnamed Taqueria at Phillips 66 on Harry Hines Road

It’s fascinating seeing what state each gas station taqueria is at. Some are highly evolved like Fuel City they have a full staff and even a freeway billboard advertising tacos over gasoline. Some are less evolved and this particular taqueria feels like it is either in its infancy or is in a state of life […]

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