Review: El Burrito Near Disneyland


It’s been far too long since I’ve done a review on  Fortunately, I was heading to VidCon a couple weeks ago at the Anaheim Convention Center and drove past a Shell station with what looked like a legit gas station taco stop.  After the VidCon event, I decided to make a quick stop for a couple tacos before sitting on the freeway.

El Burrito is a legit gas station taco restaurant. The place has quite a few tables and a full menu of typical Mexican-American fare. I was there for some tacos, but they of course focus a lot on burritos as you’d expect. I have found a trend with burrito places that serve tacos: They make really big tacos, when they make tacos.

So I ordered a couple large tacos at $3.25/each.  I went with a Carne Asada and Al Pastor. The cook asked me what I wanted on them. Just cilantro and onions thank you.  He made sure that’s all I wanted by asking if I wanted any lettuce or guacamole. This wasn’t a good sign. First giant tortillas and now being asked if I wanted lettuce or guacamole, I knew disappointment was likely to commence.

He then asked if I wanted red or green salsa. I went with both one on each taco.


Opening the container were some unexpected diced tomatoes on both tacos. Some places there is not just onions and cilantro, instead you get pico de gallo. That’s often a sign of too much Americanization of the menu and a related poor taco afternoon.

I started with what I thought was the carne asada.  I was a few bites in before I got tired of the flavor. The meat was heavily marinated and it didn’t really improve things.  I picked up the other taco to see if the Al Pastor was better.  Sadly it wasn’t, but that was the least of the issues.  What I thought was Al Pastor I found out was actually the Carne Asada.  I’ve never had that confusion ever, but with the meat so heavily marinated in both tacos it was no wonder I was confused, especially since the marinade tasted the same.

Honestly, the flavor between the beef and pork tacos was minimal if any.

Sadly the Happiest Place on Earth doesn’t have a the Happiest Gas Station Taco on Earth; though, I can’t really blame Disneyland for Shell offering some poor taco options.  Maybe the burritos are better.  If you do visit, try the burritos and let me know if that’s case.

Gas Station: Shell

Address: 1198 W Ball Rd. Anaheim, CA 92802

Rating (2 out of 5):


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