Review: Leo & Churro Taqueria

There it was on the menu tempting me to order it: 25 tacos de trompo por $19.99. I could eat for a week for $20 bucks and eat very, very well.

Leo & Churro Taqueria has ousted my favorite al pastor gas station taco from Abierto.  The roasted pork spit behind the cash register deserves respect and respect it I did by ordering a couple al pastor tacos. I added a couple additional options too including a beef fajita and my first gas station lengua (tongue) taco.

The al pastor tacos are amazing. The meat is a long, thin cut of pork with caramelized fat giving it a rich almost bacon-like flavor that is incredibly flavorful with some squeezed lime juice, onions, and cilantro. The homemade salsa roja adds some additional flavor making it one of the best gas station tacos in Dallas.

This was only my second time trying lengua.  My first experience was at El Guero (renamed now to Tacos La Banqueta) where a couple lengua experts directed me. For lengua, El Guero is amazing. The tongue tastes like a slow roasted meat that is tender and flavorful.  The lengua at Leo & Churro Taqueria is sliced into chunks and doesn’t have the tenderness of El Guero’s. The lengua is flavorful and not overcooked. It’s definitely worth trying and if you are a lengua fan, please let me know what you think as I only have one reference point.

Finally the beef fajita taco was tender and flavorful rounding out one of my best gas station taco experiences.  I look forward to trying the other choices: chicken, carnitas, barbacoa, chicharron (fried pork), tripitas (tripe) and desebrada (shredded beef).

It’s no wonder the tacos, tortas, and burritos are more prominently advertised than the gasoline.  There is a gem of a taqueria here that more people need to know about.  I guarantee it will be one of the best, if not THE best, al pastor tacos you have ever had while refueling your car.

Gas Station: Millennium

Address: 3400 Lombardy Ln 108Webb Chapel ExtDallas – NW, TX 75220-3315

Rating (5 out of 5):

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