Review: Andy’s Food Mart

It is always a great sign when there is a significant amount of fresh cilantro resting on the order counter-top and a handmade tortilla lays on the griddle.

There is no name for the taqueria inside Andy’s Food Mart at the Phillips station on Fitzhugh Avenue.  There is no menu and hence no prices and there is very, very little English spoken here.

No one was in the kitchen, so I asked the mini mart cashier what’s available and was told beef and chicken fajita. A moment later a nice woman took my order and told me “no chicken.”  Okay, how about 4 beef tacos then or do you have pastor?  She shook her head yes and I ordered 2 beef and 2 pastor tacos on corn tortillas.

A couple bags of bread for tortas rested on the counter and she proceeded to reheat her bag of freshly made tortillas and spoon in some meat, topping it all with raw onions and cilantro.  Finally she added a cup of red and a cup of green salsa.  I paid my $4 for four tacos and went outside to order some elotes.

The elotes stand serves one size ‘corn in a cup’ for $3 and each cup is prepared by cutting fresh corn kernels off a ear of corn.  You add your own hot sauce to the top, but be careful as the house made salsa roja is a rich, super hot blend of habaneros that should be used cautiously.

There is a small sitting area of stools inside Andy’s Food Mart to eat next to the kitchen, but today a coworker and I headed back to the office to enjoy this meal.

The tacos looked amazing and a small group of key limes accompanied the salsas.  Be careful with key limes, as they have only a little juice and a lot of seeds. No doubt you will ended up with a good amount of seeds in your taco, but that is the only down side.  The pastor and beef fajita meats are full of flavor, lean and made for some great tacos even without the salsas.

However, don’t forget to use both salsas. The salsa verde has a sweetness to it that ranks it as of my all time favorites.  Combined with fresh onions and cilantro and homemade tortillas, Andy’s Food Mart is a welcome addition to this blog.

Andy’s needs to brand this taqueria.  They have a quiet hit in this nondescript gas station with only an elotes cart hinting there is an amazing taqueria inside.

It’s finding undiscovered gems like this place that gets me most excited about gas station taco blogging.

Gas Station: Phillips 66

Address: 2403 N Fitzhugh Ave (Capitol Ave), Dallas, TX 75204


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4 Comments on “Review: Andy’s Food Mart”

  1. March 25, 2012 at 1:19 pm #

    I kinda like the name!

    • Christopher Baccus
      March 26, 2012 at 11:10 am #

      I knew you would!


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