Review: The Taco Hut

The Taco Hut“The Pastor (pork) is out of this world.  Like roasted dragon tits.  Juicy, spicy and packed with flavor.”

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I knew I had to try this place after reading a brief review on and we had spent the afternoon at a Dave & Busters like place called Main Event that wasn’t exactly known for its food, but it was a blast for our kids.

So we took a quick excursion to Taco Hut at the Conoco gas station to grab two beef fajita and two pork tacos.  I ordered my usual: Corn tortillas, onion, cilantro and hot sauce.

The hut is attached to the Kwik Mart that serves as the gas station’s food mart and stays open Sunday – Thursday 6am to Midnight and Friday – Saturday 6am – 3am.  This is by far the most accessible gas station taco place I’ve been to.  I’m guessing the local bar crowd is apt to make a stop by The Taco Hut for a midnight snack.  The place has an outside window where you can order what you want without having to go into the mart.

I started with the pork tacos and while good I don’t think they were “out of this world.” Fuel City in Dallas still makes the best al pastor tacos in my experience.  That said the meat was tender, quite lean and had good flavor.  All of the tacos were loaded with meat and plenty of onions; though, a bit skimpy on the cilantro.

The Taco Hut TacosThe beef tacos rule. They were excellent. Great flavor, texture and lean as can be.  I added a squeeze of lemon juice and filled one with the green hot sauce and the other with the red hot sauce. I may not be right but it seemed the green hot sauce had more heat to it and really brought it.  The flavor was intense and I highly recommend ordering the beef fajita tacos here and be sure you try the green hot sauce.

In the to-go container was a charred whole jalapeno and grilled onions.  This was definitely a stop worth making and if you are in the Lewisville area, make sure to stop by The Taco Hut even if it is 2:59am on a Saturday night.

Gas Station: Conoco

Address: 1235 S Hwy 121 Lewisville, TX 75067

Rating (4 out of 5 oil drops):

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