Review: Best Taco Taqueria

Best Taco TaqueriaUnfortunately calling yourself “Best Taco…” isn’t a self-fulfilling prophesy.  Decent Taco Taqueria would’ve been a more accurate description.

In the shadow of Dallas’ popular Fuel City Tacos is a small Taqueria inside a Valero gas station in the Oak Cliff/West Dallas area. For those who don’t know, myself being one until I drove to this location, it isn’t the most desirable part of Dallas.  There are quite a few bail bond shops, rusted out car lots and several deserted lots. Fortunately, the Valero gas station was busy at one o’clock in the afternoon with a couple regulars sitting at some tables enjoying lunch.

The Taqueria is beautifully decorated with a tile counter top and tile restaurant front. The back kitchen is fully exposed and everything was beautifully separated and clean.  When I came in a big pot of stewed meat was cooking on a burner and smelled amazing (I should’ve asked what it was.) I ordered three kinds of tacos: fajita beef, pastor and barbacoa.  I also asked for corn tortillas, cilantro, onion and red hot sauce.

In about 5 minutes, I had my to-go order and drove back to my office nearly 5 minutes away in the heart of downtown Dallas.  Opening the Styrofoam container I discovered a red hot sauce but also a green hot sauce.  The onions and cilantro were kept separate from the tacos that were loaded with meat.  Two limes and two salt packets also were there.  Unfortunately, the onions and cilantro were in small quantity which made adding them to 5 tacos a bit challenging as I had barely enough for two, maybe three tacos.

It was a good thing the onions and cilantro were separate as I found I had to pick through the taco meat filling, since there was a good amount of fat. The barbacoa had a hug chunk of fat Greasy Pasto Tacosand was by far my least favorite of my choices. The meat was really slimy and lacked flavor, so it is definitely worth passing on.  The pastor tacos left a healthy, or is it anti-healthy in this case, oil stain in my to-go container.  The meat was quite fatty and also lacked a good rich flavor that I have come to know from Taqueria’s that get pastor done right.

Good thing I ordered the fajita beef tacos.  The meat was mostly lean and nicely cooked. I removed a few cuts from the taco and had one with the red sauce and the other with the green sauce.  I have to admit the green hot sauce was awesome. It had great flavor and went nicely with the fajita meat.  A squeeze of some lime juice with a scant amount of cilantro and onions made for a decent taco, not the best, but definitely one worth the short trip.

I doubt though that I’ll ever return to the Best Taco Tacqueria since Fuel City Tacos is in close proximity.  It’s too bad because they really did do a nice job on the tile restaurant counter.

Gas Station: Valero

Address: 1805 Sylvan Avenue Dallas, TX 75208

Rating (3 out of 5 oil drops):

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3 Comments on “Review: Best Taco Taqueria”

  1. Stephen
    June 20, 2011 at 5:10 pm #

    I had to re-read this a couple of times because you mention it being in the Lower Greenville area, but the picture was clearly of my local taqueria. Then I saw the address on Sylvan. FYI…this is Oak Cliff/West Dallas, not Lower Greenvile. I’m surprised about the barbacoa, as I love theirs. They always put the cilantro and onions on my tacos, not sure why they would have done yours separately. I love their chicken tacos too, if you’re looking for a light taco, hope you’ll reconsider and go back.

  2. cbaccus
    June 20, 2011 at 5:14 pm #

    Thanks for the catch Stephen. I’ll correct the Lower Greenville confusion, it was due to my still learning the Dallas area and lifting that distinction from a Yelp review that wrongly classified the area.

    Regarding the barbacoa, I’ll have to try it again. Perhaps it was an ‘off day.’ I’m starting to sample more chicken taco options, so I’ll make sure I give Best Taco Taqueria’s a try real soon.

    Thanks for reading.


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