Review: Woodys’ Burger Hut & Taqueria

20140310_125135This week’s SxSW Interactive event had me going through some photos from last year, since I decided to skip attending SxSW.  While looking through my images, I noticed a few from a taqueria north of Austin I made a stop at on my way to Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, Texas.

It’s never a good a sign when you come back from a trip and forget where you ate. The reason is entirely due to Woody’s Burger Hut & Taqueria being completely unmemorable except for one thing.  That one thing is their tacos are burritos.

It’s not that I don’t know they difference; rather, they don’t. The menu does show both tacos and burritos, but when I ordered a taco the woman behind the counter continued to make a burrito.  There was no corn tortilla option so I went with a flour tortilla.  From there she proceeded to ask me what “fillings” I wanted.  I asked, “taco fillings?” Yes she replied.  Of course I was asked if I wanted choice of meat, rice, beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, and salsa.  I said, please go ahead and make the taco the way you normally do.

Pretty sure what I ended up with was a burrito.


So my not-taco (aka burrito) was completely devoid of flavor. Even the salsas lacked any kick and I tried both.

The first sign this would not be memorable was the “Burger Hut” taking priority over Taqueria in the name. Fortunately, this burrito and burger joint failure was quickly forgotten once I arrived at Louis Mueller’s Barbecue where I enjoyed one of the best BBQ meals of my life.

My recommendation if you pass this Shell station is to get gas if you need it, but keep driving to Taylor, Texas if you’re hungry.

Gas Station: Shell

Address: 3250A E. Palm Valley, Round Rock, TX 78665

Rating (1 out of 5):

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