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Breakfast Tacos at The Green Spot

Review: Breakfast Tacos at The Green Spot

The Green Spot gas station is in a league of its own.  Having reviewed their lunch taco options a couple month s ago, it was clear this place is not the ordinary gas station or taco stand.  The success here has already led to one spin-off when the original Taqueria Good 2 Go Taco moved […]

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Review: Taqueria Cholula

Chorizo tacos are underrated. I love it when I see chorizo on a lunch menu.  Taqueria Cholula had no shortage of options for the taco fanatic. Sure there are the typical beef fajita, chicken, pastor and barbacoa options. There are 14 total options; though, two were out on the day of my visit. Taqueria Cholula […]

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