First Gas Station Taco GroupOn

I can’t really say for sure whether this is the first time GroupOn has offered a gas station taco deal, but I’m pretty sure it’s a good guess this is a first.  If you a fan of Fuel City Tacos and who isn’t?

They are running a 50% off deal to get $6 worth of tacos for only $3.  The deal also features two medium cups of corn (Elotes) for only $2, usually $2.50 each, and a $15 car wash for only $5.  You can order a maximum of 3 deals – all the same or mix-and-match.

I of course ordered 3 taco deals that have to be used before December 31, 2012. I have no doubt I’ll use them long before end of next year.

So now is the time to get some $1.50 tacos for $.75. This just became the best taco deal in town, but you only have by midnight tonight to buy and already they have sold over 2,500 as of 11am this morning.

Here’s the link:

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