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My last visit to Austin was a taco disappointment. Several people told me to try Torchy’s Tacos and I never did make it there, but I did stop at a gas station taco taqueria called Tierra Linda Taqueria. It was the only time I couldn’t finish what I started because the taste was so bad.

I had hope on this trip to Austin.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long to change my opinion of gas station taco options in Austin.  In my Google search, one location kept showing up with some decent reviews – Casa Grande, a taqueria inside the Spring Food Mart gas station on Pond Springs Road.

After driving three hours, I was ready for some tacos. I went with the pork carnitas, beef fajita, and pastor all on corn tortillas with cilantro and chopped onions.

One bite of the fajita taco and my opinion of gas station tacos in Austin did an abrupt 180. The beef was sliced in large thin cuts. Each bite made me want to turn around and order a couple more. It had been awhile since I was this impressed with a fajita beef taco.

After quickly devouring the first taco, I moved on to the pork carnitas. It was a bit dry but still very good. The meat was lean and the spice blend included a good amount of cumin with just a hint of cinnamon.  It was a good option and even though a tad dry I would still recommend it.

Finally, the pastor.

This is where I started to lose my appreciation for Casa Grande. The pieces of pork were very lean and the flavor seemed to be about right, but the overcooking of the meat just killed this taco. A few bites were so brunt they had to be tossed out.  Perhaps it was just an off day.

Casa Grande has some rather large bench tables inside for sit down eating with each table branded with the taqueria’s name on the table. I was a bit early to see the lunch crowd this place attracts, but I’m sure it has a healthy share of regulars.  I will definitely make it a regular stop on my Austin trips and yes someday I’ll even get over to Torchy’s Tacos, maybe even the one in Dallas.

Gas Station: Non-Branded

Address: 13125 Pond Springs Road Austin, TX 78729

Rating (4 out of 5 oil drops):

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