Review: The Green Spot

If Whole Foods opened up a competitor to 7-Eleven and served tacos and grass-fed hamburgers, The Green Spot would be the blueprint. Situated near White Rock Lake in a fairly nondescript gas station, that if you’re not a local, you are sure to pass it by.  Too bad, because The Green Spot is a fascinating gas station with a small mostly organic market and a small café inside.

The outside signage does not specify what type of gas is served here; though, the sign outside looks like a Mobile station.  There are several banners that read “The Green Spot” with a sign on the build that reads “healthy convenience” next to a beer and wine sign. Quite a few tables are setup outside and another five tables inside.  So there are plenty of places to sit and when we stopped by on a lazy Sunday afternoon quite a few diners were enjoying the food at the gas station.

How about the tacos?

The Green Spot serves a very different taco than what I’ve covered thus far for this blog.  Like the unexpected healthy food market, the tacos are surprisingly gourmet.  Meaning sorry no “street tacos” here; instead, I had some very complex tacos with a lot of thought put into them. Of course, they were not the typical $1 to $1.35 tacos I get elsewhere. Here the tacos are $3.50 each, so they better deliver.

And deliver they did.  I went with three styles: Smoked chicken, beef brisket, and pork.  My wife tried a smoked chicken and veggie tacos.

First the beef brisket that included some amazing French Fries, similar to the greasy kind you get at the Texas State Fair.  The beef was lean as can be and included the right amount of barbecue sauce. The BBQ sauce is homemade and had a great sweet flavor.  All tacos were served on a flour tortilla that was flash grilled leaving a great grill mark. I really enjoyed the beef brisket and would definitely recommend it.

Next up was the smoked chicken with spinach, guacamole, and Queso Blanco.  At first, I wasn’t too sure if I liked this taco since the spinach was a bit odd and the flavor after the beef brisket wasn’t doing much for me.  After about the third bite though I really started to change my opinion. The smoked chicken taco was amazing and had a great blend of flavors in every bite.  I love spinach, but still am on the fence whether this taco really needs it or could have used some other accompaniment instead.  Overall though, it was a quality chicken taco.

Finally I enjoyed my favorite of the three, the pork taco.  The pulled pork is marinated in a chili-orange sauce and included the same State Fair like French Fries as the beef brisket. The taco also includes a chipotle cream sauce.  Let me repeat that, a chipotle cream sauce.  Seriously? At a gas station?  Yes, that is what makes The Green Spot so unique from every other place you read about on this blog.  The Green Spot is bringing gourmet tacos to the fill-up station and fortunately they deliver on the promise.

All three tacos I had could rival many taco places in Dallas and yes even the trendy ones. Of course, you will pay a similar price for your gourmet tacos, but to get them out of a gas station, pickup some local milk, and skip a quick stop at Whole Foods the Green Spot really impresses all around and all my wife could say on the drive home was “I wish more gas stations would do that.”  I couldn’t agree more!

Gas Station: Mobil (I think? See review)


Address: 702 N Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX

Rating (5 out of 5 oil drops):

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