Review: Taqueria Dulce

Discovering a gas station taco place is often accidental. It rarely happens on purpose.  Take for instance a drive one weekend with the family to an allergy bedding store that included a pass by a nondescript Texaco station with a small Taqueria sign off a side wall far from the road of the station. The non-gas station taco seeker would never catch this find, but I’m here to help and to find the unexpected Taquerias only a connoisseur like myself can find.

Fast forward a couple months later to now when I had a hour for lunch and decided to try to find where that Texaco gas station was.  All I could recall was the exit started with a “C” and was near a freeway interchange.

I saw the Coit Rd exit off the 75 freeway and thought that was it. A few blocks later I was at the station filling up my car and stopping for tacos.

Taqueria Dulce is the name inside, which may have come after the sign outside which simply says “Taqueria Beer & Wine”. Dulce means “sweet” in Spanish and with a menu that included something I had yet to see at a gas station taco stand – fried pig skin – perhaps that was the “sweet” and I’m sure to a fan of pig skin it is a sweet find.  I personally wasn’t daring enough to try a fried pig skin taco since I wasn’t entirely sure if my health insurance covered this delicacy.

I ordered two beef fajita and two pastor (pork) tacos for this first trip. The to-go box included some grilled onions, a charred jalapeno, green and red salsa, and 3 lime wedges.  I only ordered 4 tacos and received 3 lime wedges, already I love this place.

The tacos are very similar to my first 5-oil drop reviewed place La Paisanita. The corn tortillas are placed on a griddle and dipped gently in oil to give them some great flavor and an authentic street taco taste.  The beef in the fajita taco was very lean and there was plenty of chopped onions and cilantro in every taco.

The pastor tacos are really amazing with plenty of flavor and could easily be enjoyed without any hot sauce, but some generous squeezes of lime juice are a must as it brings out some wonderful flavors from the pork.  I did take a couple dips of red and green hot sauce to the pastor tacos. The red sauce here is a bit overpowering and you have to watch adding too much of it, unless you really like an intense heat that takes away the other flavors in the taco.  The beef fajita taco did better with the red hot sauce because it has a weaker flavor and needs some hot sauce to give it more personality.

It’s great having another street taco choice from a gas station thanks to Taqueria Dulce. They really do make some sweet ass tacos! The odd thing is Taqueria Dulce is not far from La Paisanita (both are off the 75 freeway in Dallas.) There must be something in the air, perhaps gas and pig skin fumes…

Gas Station: Texaco

Address: 12968 Coit Road Dallas, TX 75251-1310

Rating (5 out of 5 oil drops):

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3 Comments on “Review: Taqueria Dulce”

  1. Anonymous
    January 24, 2012 at 5:01 pm #

    Dude, I can’t thank you enough for reviewing this place.
    I tried it last week and it has become my favorite Taco spot!
    I started by trying the chicken and pastor tacos. I loved the chicken, but found the pastor a little bland. The salsa verde was amazing.
    Today I tried the fajita and, being in an adventurous mood, the fried pig skin.
    It was wonderful. Not at all like I expected from seeing the packaged pig skin at stores. It was kind of sweet, tender with only a little fat. Delicious.

    So, thanks again for finding these wonderful places!

    As a little aside, one way to improve the blog would be to put the places you tried on a google map, so it’d be easy to find a review to a place you might be close to. Just a suggestion.


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