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Review: Tacos Cantu

It was a couple weekends ago when I attempted to try Tacos Cantu after a Texas Rangers baseball game. Unfortunately, it was quite late and the taco stand was closed.  Also, this fairly deserted area between Arlington and Fort Worth was a bit more shady at night than I expected.  So, my friend and I […]

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Review: Taqueria Dulce

Discovering a gas station taco place is often accidental. It rarely happens on purpose.  Take for instance a drive one weekend with the family to an allergy bedding store that included a pass by a nondescript Texaco station with a small Taqueria sign off a side wall far from the road of the station. The […]

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Review: In & Out Tacos

I spent last Saturday’s lunchtime doing the unthinkable… eating tacos without a gas pump in sight.  It was all for a good cause as I participated in The Great Taco Meetup of ’11. It was a beautiful day for some outdoor dining at a simple taco stand in Garland, Texas. We gathered at In & […]

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Review: Abierto

You know a gas station takes its taqueria seriously when it invests in a lighted sign and custom awning. That’s what Abierto did when it became part of a Texaco station on Inwood in Dallas, Texas. The day I stopped by for lunch there were four people waiting for their orders and inside sat an […]

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Review: El Taco

We were coming back from Southlake, a suburb Northwest of Dallas, and were trying to get to a Costco off the Dallas North Tollway.  I was without my iPhone as it slipped out of my shirt pocket earlier in the day while pulling up my son Oscar’s pants in a Five Guys restroom landing in […]

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Fuel City Lunch Crowd

Review: Fuel City

There is a reigning champion of the gas station taco in Dallas, Texas – Fuel City.  When ever I tell someone or they hear I’m a fan of gas station tacos, they usually will ask if I have tried Fuel City.  Well I have, a few times.  In fact, I’ve tried all versions of their […]

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The Taco Hut Tacos

Review: The Taco Hut

“The Pastor (pork) is out of this world.  Like roasted dragon tits.  Juicy, spicy and packed with flavor.” – Reviewer on Yelp.com I knew I had to try this place after reading a brief review on Yelp.com and we had spent the afternoon at a Dave & Busters like place called Main Event that wasn’t […]

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Best Taco Taqueria

Review: Best Taco Taqueria

Unfortunately calling yourself “Best Taco…” isn’t a self-fulfilling prophesy.  Decent Taco Taqueria would’ve been a more accurate description. In the shadow of Dallas’ popular Fuel City Tacos is a small Taqueria inside a Valero gas station in the Oak Cliff/West Dallas area. For those who don’t know, myself being one until I drove to this […]

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Review: Troy Taqueria

I made two gas station taco stops on my way to Austin last Friday.  The Troy Tanqueria was an unplanned stop as I noticed a Tanqueria sign while passing an exit heading South on I-35. Unfortunately very few gas stations advertise they have food on a billboard or on a next exit sign, so you […]

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Review: Tierra Linda Taqueria

I was driving to South By Southwest (SxSW) last Friday morning and checked out Yelp before leaving Dallas en route to Austin, but I wasn’t planning my drive to the hotel or the Austin Convention Center. Nope, I was heading from my house straight to Tierra Linda Taqueria. Like a lot of gas station taco […]

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